October Garden Delights

Ikebana -Vertical Composition

Ikebana-Vertical Composition

Today I did this arrangement of materials that were cut from my backyard garden (with the exception of the Indian Summer calla lily). I had planned to do some larger arrangements with some flowers bought yesterday at the Dupont Circle Farmer's Market, but the lillies were not yet open. There is something really fun about exploring the garden to find small gems to use in a smaller arrangement. I was happy to rediscover the heuchera leaves, and the blackberry lily. I also found one lonely nerine lily that is coming up. It's a reminder to me to order some new nerine bulbs to plant this fall so I can enjoy many of them in various colors next fall. Right now the lillies from the farmer's market have been re-cut and placed in a warm spot to open. I'll work on some sketches for my arrangement, and be ready to make it tomorrow morning. Maybe I will canvas the neighborhood for some native grasses, and see what other surprises await.


nordic lotus said...

Wow, great arrangement. Love the berry on top.

Venkatesh said...

You truly are a gifted Ikebana Artist. Breathtaking arrangements!!

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