Color and Movement


Recently I did several arrangements using some beautiful Balou cymbidium orchid blooms and kohlrabi. The light green color and almost squid-like tendrils on the kohlrabi seemed perfect for ikebana, and I loved working with them. Combined with the butterscotch coloring of the orchids, the kohlrabi was a perfect companion in color and movement. Several different arrangements were made, and lots of combinations tried. I shot these with the late afternoon sunlight for a different feel from the studio lighting shots. My hope is to bring some life into my photography. During the month of January I took a few photography classes with photographer Eliot Cohen in an effort to get to know my camera and to help me understand how to shoot better photos . Which brings me back to the various ikebana artist websites, books, and magazine articles I have been exploring. Seeing how they photograph what they are doing, and how the background setting influences their work . It's all food for thought, and a way to think about what I want to do and how to make it work for me.
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