Psssssst......Wanna hear a secret?

It'a a secret to some, unless you live downtown. I'm talking about some of my secret sources for containers for ikebana, and I am going to tell them to you now. The first one is Miss Pixie's at 1626 14th Street NW, here in Washington,DC. Miss Pixie's has a small, eclectic mix of items and things go quickly there. It'a a place to hit often to see what's new. I grabbed this ceramic vase there for only $12.

It did have some white paint on it, but with a little delicate scrubbing I was able to restore it just like new! Miss Pixie's website has a unique "window shopping" section so that you can get a preview of what is currently in the shop, hooray!

We'll continue down 14th street to my absolute favorite Ruff N' Reddy at 1908 14th Street NW. Open from 11AM to 6PM on Saturdays and Sundays ONLY, but well worth the wait. I have found an absolute treasure trove of items there. Be forewarned, it's chocked full of stuff and can be difficult to navigate due to narrow pathways thru the store. Here's the view from outside:

Here's the view inside, just so you see why it is much like a scavenger hunt. I must admit I would crawl through hell and back for a great piece of japanese pottery or antique bronze container.

Here's what you might find if you look long enough:


Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Keith: Oh, boy, I wish I lived nearby! And I'd just love to shop with you at these places. Maybe you could offer a for-fee tour for your fans?
I'd love to know the names of the flora that you're using in the designs, although I understand the emphasis here is on the vessels.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Keith... Looking great around here! I love the new header... it sucks you right in.


Keith said...

Thanks! I have been trying to get the header just right all evening. Glad to know it got noticed so quickly!

Janice Mason Steeves Artwork said...

Hi Keith,

I love your header. A stunning photograph! Do you do you own photography too?
And the post is terrific, taking us on a journey into these shops. What a great idea!

Keith said...

Hi Janice! Yes, I do my own photography. I use a Canon digital SLR which I love, it's made a huge difference in the quality of the photographs versus the older point and shoot digital camera I was using. However the Kodak Easyshare Z1285 and up series does some really amazing photos for a point and shoot digital camera. Learning to use the camera on settings other than manual has been a big help too.

Anonymous said...

oh my Keith. I wish I lived near you! We'd go grunging at the Ruff N Reddy! We could double team them looking for containers and frames. It looks like a wonderful place to explore! Thank you for sharin it with us. What fun. The blog is looking great by the way. Beautiful photographs!

Keith said...

Cyd, That would be great! Ruff N' Reddy is just incredible. I can almost always find something I am looking for. Pictures frames, furniture, they have it all. It's one of those places that is in a neighborhood that is up and coming and I know one day it will be gone. So I am enjoying it while I can. Thanks for the comments!!!!

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