A Late Winter Return


It's been a while since my last post, much too long. For me it has been a very busy time that has kept me from doing any ikebana, at least any that I had time to photograph. During the winter months I have limited space to work and to set up my photography background, and that tends to make the work very rushed to get done. I really don't like rushing work, it's better for me to be able to start a piece and to stand back from it and think a while about it. I've also been thinking about what type of ikebana I want to do. I started examining ikebana artists like Toshiro Kawase to see some really stunning work that I have connected to emotionally. His work can be seen at his website http://www11.ocn.ne.jp/~kawase/index.html . These past few months I have really had to ask myself questions like "What direction I want to go?" , and "What kind of ikebana do I want to do?". "What excites me and draws me into this wonderful art in a way that captures my creative spirit and enthusiasm?" So during the next few weeks I will attempt to find the answers to all of these questions, and share my answers (and more ikebana) here.


flowergirl said...

Yes, it is a question that has been going around in my head as well! So, I will check back on the directons you take!

I really like these two arrangements, and thank for stopping by at our blog.

Venkatesh said...

Iemoto Akane encourages us to ask these questions regarding Ikebana to ourselves.The answers to these questions will make each of our Ikebana unique and will reflect our true personalities. I am a member of the Sogetsu Chennai group and I am a fan of your ikebana. Good work. Please keep posting.

Venkatesh said...

The arrangements are very nice. Especially the one in the white triangular vase,

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