I've Moved to A New Abode!

I've moved, to a new place. Not a physical move, but a blog move. I've enjoyed my time here on Blogger, it's been a great learning experience. Now I have moved to a dedicated home using Wordpress. My new home will be Sogetsu Atelier , so please bookmark it and stop by say "Hello". I'm working hard on the new site and hope that you will follow me and visit! There is still a lot for me to do at the new site, many new things to add , things to unpack and lots of blogs to add to my blogroll. So but sure to drop by and check it out.


Anonymous said...

yes,I have noted the change of your blog site, am watching your blogs as I too am a sogetsu teacher and have appreciated your comments of our exhibition last February.Good luck and Best Wishes for the coming year 2010,may it be full of flowers and friends.Malathi, Chennai, India.

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